Panaflex & Others


Panaflex and Others:

We are providing High Quality Panaflex Printing Service and tarpaulin in suitable price ranges. We are in all kind of corporate printing and promotional services to our clients through ensuring the quality of graphics to maintain the best level of printing with fully automated machinery. And our tarpaulins have also proven to be a popular source when an inexpensive, water-resistant fabric is needed.


Panaflex stands are Portable display, utilizes minimum floor area and is a crowd puller at events due to its attractive visibility. Banner graphics are integrated on vinyl and aluminum end caps are used for stand to give it style and finish.

Our Panaflex characteristics are:

  • Greatly flexible in function and style
  • maintain the best level of printing with fully automated machinery

Tarpaulin (For CNG and Easy bike):

A tarpaulin is a large sheet of strong, flexible, water proof material, are used in many ways to protect persons and things from wind, rain, and sunlight. They are used during construction or after disasters to protect partially built or damaged structures, to prevent mess during painting and similar activities, and to contain and collect debris.

Our Tarpaulin characteristics are:

  • • Strong and flexible
  • • Water-resistant
  • • Ideal for agriculture, construction, industrial, trucks, flood barrier and temporary roof repair